AL Wild Card Race Is Anyone’s Game


The race for the AL Wild Card truly lives up to the name, wild. The current leaders for the two spots are the Oakland A’s and Tampa Bay Rays, though just 4.5 games separate the next four teams, a number which with almost a full month to go, is not outside the realm of possibility. nike air max 2014

The A’s and Texas Rangers have recently been going back and forth for the lead in the AL West, and likely will both make the post season. But what does that mean for the second Wild Card spot? The Rays are on a skid, winning just three of their last 12 games.

The Yankees, who have been battling injuries since before the season began were written out by many early on. But currently they sit just 2.5 games back in the race. They have a tough schedule facing them, including three more games against the Boston Red Sox, who hold the best record in the American League. They then will go on to face the Baltimore Orioles in what will be one of their most crucial series, as the Orioles are just three games back in the Wild Card race, separated from the Yankees by half a game.

The Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals are also still in the hunt, with the Tribe being out three games and the Royals 4.5 games. This makes the Wild Card race a six team battle. With just under a month left to go, there is still plenty of time for leads to change. It’s up for grabs, and these teams will be fighting tooth and nail to try to come up with a post season berth.

Image: Getty Images.