Mo Records Save Number 650 With Help From Alfonso Soriano And Alex Rodriguez

mariano When discussing the greatest closers in the history of baseball, go no further than Mariano Rivera. The Panamanian 13 time All-Star recorded career save number 650 last night against the Baltimore Orioles. He will undoubtedly make his way to Cooperstown on the first ballot, and will go down in history as one of the best to ever toe the rubber. nike air max 90
The second most saves among an active closer is Joe Nathan with 337, but at the age of 38 will never be able to touch Rivera’s record. They say in baseball that records are meant to be broken, but as of right now, no names stand out to be the one to break this one.

But he didn’t win the game on his own. No closer does. Alfonso Soriano went deep twice totaling three RBIs, alongside Alex Rodriguez who had two doubles and an RBI. In the close 7-5 final score, those two players provided the most important runs of the game.

The heated battle put the Yankees right back in the AL Wild Card race. They are now just two games behind Tampa Bay for the second Wild Card slot. They still are half a game behind Baltimore and Cleveland in the tight race, and have two more head-to-head games with Baltimore in their current series. It is one of the most crucial series of the year for both clubs, it can easily be the decider of who gets to play in October, and who gets to enjoy the off-season first.

Image: Getty Images