Theres No Place Like A Home!


Finally a move has been made in regards to Josh Freeman.

Freeman became a Free Agent over the weekend, being released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In Tampa last year Freeman had a passer rating of 81.6, completing 306 of 558 attempts. He also threw for 4,065 yards and completed 27 Touchdowns. This year has been a bit different however, with Freeman not getting very many starts after starting the year with a 59.3 passer rating and only throwing 2 TD’s.

Then the complaining began, when Freeman went public talking about his playing time, as well as his being benched by Tampa. Freeman then stated” it would be best if I were just traded”.

“Your wish is my command” said Tampa when they released him on Thursday the 3rd of October 2013.

While many thought that Freeman was going to end up in Oakland, but also knowing the Bills, and the Browns were interested as well, after losing their starting quarterbacks on Thursday night’s game.
Surprise, says the football world, and Freeman has finally signed….with Minnesota.

Now Freeman is a Viking, and a new chapter begins in Minnesota. Hopefully Freeman can become the Quarterback he showed so much promise to become in the years past. I’m sure Josh is just happy he has a home and a place to play professional football again.

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