Who Will Be 6-0?


There are only three teams that remain unbeaten this week.

The New Orleans Saints and the Denver Broncos, and the surprisingly Kansas City Chiefs, and If you ask most people they would probably tell you that the Saints, and Broncos are the teams that will represent the NFC, and AFC this year in the Big Game.

The Saints’ are facing quite the challenge this week. They will need to go into Foxborough and beat Tom Brady and his Patriots. While the Pats, have not looked very much like the Brady teams of the past, that doesn’t mean that he won’t be the Brady that we all know this coming Sunday, as he loves big games.

The Saints have had some defensive problems back to last year, but this year there was a drastic difference bringing in Rob Ryan to lead there newly revamped defense. Last year the Saints broke an NFL record for the worst defense in history, meaning they gave up more yards than any other team that has ever played. But, like I said, this is a new year, a new defensive coordinator, and a new Saints’ team. The new Saints are sitting at 12th in Pass defense, and 18th in rush defense, and 11th overall defense.

The Broncos have a much easier task, statistically speaking, where Peyton and company must take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, at home in Denver. This should prove to not be much of a challenge as the Jaguars are sitting at 22nd overall in defense and Denver is atop the list as the number 1 offense overall.

I have to say, I see very easily that the Broncos are going to be 6-0, but I think there is a fun game to watch up in New England, to see if the much improved rushing Pats, can make the Saints’ 5-1.

The Chiefs are the less talked about as the schedule they have had is much easier than the other teams discussed. But they are tied for 1st in their division, which includes the Denver Broncos. I have a feeling that record will change for the worse when they face their rivals twice this year. I do think that they will take the Raiders this week, but I don’t see them staying perfect this season.

I pick New England by 3, the Chiefs by 7 and the Broncos by….a lot.

By the way, teams that start 6-0 have a 94.6% chance of making the playoffs.

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