Then There Were Two


What a day in football on Sunday.

Week 6 sure did not disappoint. Well, unless you were the New Orleans Saints that is.

The Saints were the latest to be beaten, and what a game it was in order for that to happen. With only 1:08 to go, and no timeouts to work with, most quarterbacks may not have been able to go 70 yards (unless you were the Matt Ryan of 2012). Don’t tell Tom Brady that. He had one of his most memorable “come from behind” wins to knock the Saints from the ranks of the unbeaten. Final score 30-27(I think I called that one).

Now there are only the two teams who are unbeaten this season. How long will this last? Most people are asking themselves that very question. The Denver Broncos, and the Kansas City Chiefs are now the only two with no losses left in the League, but they are in the same Division. Both of the teams are in the AFC West. Both teams are actually looking equally as scary.

Here is the kicker… both teams will begin their meetings against each other in Week 11. Then they play one another at each other’s respective fields, twice in three weeks. If there has been no answer to the Broncos and Chiefs by then, well then one of them must fall.

That is of course, if not both.

About Paul Van Drie

I am an avid sports fan, living in Atlanta, Ga. I served in the U.S. Army as a medic, and since being medically retired, I fill my life with sports of all kinds. I currently study at DeVry University and love to write. I am putting both my love for sports, and writing to bring you the best outlook I can deliver on the Hot Topic around the League.