Seahawks Flying High Above The Rest

seattle vs arizona

Well, we knew they were good, but I don’t think we knew just how good.

The Seattle Seahawks are looking very good and are out to make a statement in the 2013 season. Russell Wilson was displaying what talents he has by throwing three touchdowns to three different receivers. He also went 18-29 for 235 yards in the game. One other stat, I would like to point out, is that Wilson did not throw an interception again for the second game in a row. I think those who see Russell Wilson play football like this should be afraid, very afraid.

I feel they may be the team to beat in the NFC, seeing as they only have one real challenge ahead of them the rest of the season. They play the New Orleans Saints in week 13, which should be a possible preview of an NFC Playoff game.

If Seattle keeps doing what they are doing and they stay healthy, then I would watch out NFC because the Seahawks are swooping in and aren’t looking back.


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