NFL Considering Restructure of Playoff Seeding Based on Record


The NFL is considering an overall restructure of the way the playoffs are seeded.
The current system sees the four division leaders from each conference and an additional two wildcard teams (teams with the best record in the conference who did not win their division) making a playoff appearance. The two division winners with the best record in each conference are given a bye week (week off) while the remaining two division winners square off with the two wildcard teams. Each division winner wins home-field advantage in the first game of the playoffs, with the 1 and 2 seeded teams having a home field advantage coming off their bye weeks.

Current playoff structure courtesy: Wikipedia

The new system would see the team with the best record gain home-field advantage in the first round of the playoffs, be it a wildcard team or division winner. Some see this as a more fair way to decide home-field advantage, as teams with weaker division often come in to the playoffs with worse records than the wildcard teams.

This wouldn’t be the first time in recent memory that the NFL restructured their playoff system, with five of the current NFL teams coming more recently than the last two decades.

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